‘Ulva Lactuca’

A Domicile, Guisseny, Brittany France, 2016.

Seaweed appeared on the white sandy beaches of Guisseny. Transparent and illuminous in water and dark opaque green when deposited on the edge of the tideline. This ephemeral medium was used to create marks along the coastline through a number of workshops on the 10th anniversary of ‘A Domicile’ .

Wave Break


‘Wave Break”

A Domicile’ Residency, Guisseny, France, 2007.

This installation captures the motion of waves breaking on a Bretton beach. Using withies, and working with skillful local craftsman Jean Peron, I wove a series of willow panels. Positioned just at the high tide line, ‘Wave Break’ became a place to shelter as well as a focal point for festival music, workshops and story telling. The residency culminated in the annual choreographic festival in Guisseny called ‘A Domicile’.



Busan Biennale, Busan, South Korea, 2002.

Triangular wooden walls provide refuge from the natural and human elements of a beach. With time sand drifts into the walls to create a unique sculptural form.