See Here


‘See Here’

The Old Auction House, Nottingham, 2018.

This work was part of an exhibition and mini arts festival celebrating diverse communities and collaborations hosted by Quarry Lab. The exhibition SEE HERE presents the work of local, national and international artists who are engaging in with the ideas, challenges and process of changing communities, collaboration and place making and offering creativity as a positive way forward.

Trudi’s work explored the qualities of Sherwood Forest and its great Oaks. The forest has seen changes and been vulnerable to human pressures. Once a mighty swathe of forest is now a patchwork of small wooded islands dotted over Nottinghamshire. The trees are the same but the context different.




Co-ordinates Exhibition, Salts Mill, Saltaire, England, 2005.

‘Reflection’ played with the physical structures that make up the drama of this impressive mill space. Triangular, mirrored, stainless steel forms tilted across the flagstone floor, rearranged the architectural detail above and painted a shifting pattern of light as one approached and walked through the installation.

Living Image


‘The Living Image’

Dana Centre, Science Museum, London, England, 2004.

‘The Living Image’ was a collaboration between myself, theatre-set designer Roma Patel and installation artist Graham Nicholls. It explored the poetics of London’s urban landscape. Individuals entered a multi-sensory interactive space wearing stereoscopic glasses, allowing them to see and direct three-dimensional environments on a large screen.

A virtual night-time interpretation of London allowed the visitor to explore the darker sides of the city, the in-between places that tend to be overlooked in everyday life.