Hebden Water


‘Hebden Water’

Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags, National Trust, Hebden Bridge Arts Festival,
June – July 2017

This was a collaboration with sound recordist Paul Ratcliff. The aim of the collaboration was to creatively explore the fusion of the audio and visual aesthetic and to capture the essence of a landscape and culture shaped by water. The installation consists of a sound and projected photographic narrative that combine to lead us along a watercourse from the valley bottom in Hebden Bridge to a point high in the surrounding moors.

Apple Heart


‘Apple Heart’

Turku, Finland, 2008.

‘Apple Heart’ is located in the grounds of ‘Life on a Leaf’, a fabulous house project by artist Jan-Erik Andersson. Constructed in wood, two gently curved red rings lean against each other to form a heart shape. My installation was inspired by the apple trees in the old orchard and also by a Finnish love story, the ‘King and the Castle’, which also inspired the leaf house.



Sustrans, Spen Valley Way,England, 2003.

Weathered steel hoops on a circular path wrap around the landscape along this popular urban cycle-way.