Waters Edge


Schanenweiher, Kandel, Germany, 2009.

Kandel is a small town on the French-German border, close to the river Rhein and surrounded by the Bienwald Forest. The ancient forest is a constant and important feature in the everyday lives and folklore of the local people. In June 2009 I was invited to attend an international symposium to celebrate the use of wood from the forest. The sculpture I created was made from seasoned oak, constructed with the collaboration of a local craftsman. It is a semi-circle of repeating triangular forms. Placed at the edge of a lake, reflections complete the circle creating a link between land and water.

Eel Retreat

Waters Edge

‘Eel Retreat’

Oxford Island, Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland, 2008.

This artwork was inspired by line fishing, local stories and the fascinating life of eels. ‘Eel Retreat’ and a number of other sculptures along the cycle route, raise awareness of traditional industries which have an important place in the cultural life of Lough Neagh. The stainless steel forms suggest the sideways motion of eels as they swim through the water and move over land.

White Wind

Waters Edge

‘White Wind’

Mogami Land Art Festival, Shinjo, Japan, 2003.

Surrounded by the fast movement of the Mogami River, a corridor of white poles stands firm in contrast to wind blown reeds which exaggerate the vulnerability of the plateau to the elements.

Waters Edge


‘Reflection’, Hardcastle Crags, Hebden Bridge, 1997.

A woven archway of willow reflected in the still black mirror of Hardcastle Crags mill pond.