Kezouin Temple, Kamakura


‘Sun Shadow Moon Shade’

Kezouin Temple, Kamakura, Japan, 2002.

Built in the grounds of a Zen temple, a simple circular wooden framework lined with traditional tatami mat provided shelter and rest for the visitor.


‘End of Summer Whispers’

Open Air Art Exhibition, Abiko, Japan, 2001.
A platform of gold leaf and sun bleached timber stands alone in a bamboo forest. The forest floor is silent as the wind whispers through the bamboo leaves above.

The Space In Between


‘The Space In Between’

South Carolina Botanical Garden, Clemson, U.S.A., 2000.

A cluster of elliptical mounds cascade down a gully in an oak, hickory and beech woodland, exaggerating the form of the natural topography. Covered in moss, intense green contrasts with the crisp orange carpet of autumn leaves. This beautiful woodland was my outdoor studio for three weeks. Clay was compacted into elliptical mounds and moss collected for days from the fire tracks and placed like a giant jigsaw puzzle onto each mound.