Trudi Entwistle is an artist whose work lies between land art, sculpture and design. Explorations develop around site, memory, association and place. Her work is site-specific, investigating how sculptural forms integrate with their surroundings, interacting with human movement and the changing elements of light, weather, natural growth and decay. For more than 20 years commissions have taken her to diverse landscapes from her local Pennine hills to around the world, such as America, Finland, Lithuania, Taiwan, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. Her work is either temporary or permanent which has been exhibited and used as a stage hosting events ranging in scale from social gatherings or remains, simply, as a focus for the solitary act of contemplation.


‘Ulva Lactuca’, A Domicile, Guisseny, France, 2016

‘Ripple’, Fields of Vision, Yorkshire Cultural Festival as part of Grand Depart, Tour De France, 2014

‘Water in Upland Landscapes’, Leverhulme Grant, artist in residence with water @Leeds, 2012
‘Reflection’, Europaischer Kulturpark, Schanenweiher, Kandel, Germany, 2009

‘SAP09’, Seoksu Market, Seoul, S. Korea, 2009

‘Eel Retreat’, ‘Art and the Travelling Landscape’, Sustrans, Lough Neagh, N.Ireland, 2008
‘Wave Break’, A Domicile, Guisseny, France, 2007

‘A Domicile’, Guisseny, France, Commissioned by Louma and Centre Choreographique National de Rennes & Bretagne, 2007

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Access Trail, UK. Part of an educational programme Commissioned by Culture online, part of DCMS, 2006

‘Apple Heart’, collaboration with Jan-Erik Andersson ‘Life on a Leaf’ house project, Turku, Finland, 2006-8

‘Incline’, Grey Street, Newcastle, part of HOTBED season, 2004

‘White Wind’, Mogami Open Air Art Festival, Japan, 2003

‘Spen Valley Greenway, ‘Art and the Travelling Landscape’, Sustrans, W.Yorkshire, UK, 2003

‘Fold’, National Botanical Garden of Wales Exhibition, Carmarthen, Wales, 2003

‘Drift’, Busan Biennale, ‘Sea Art Festival’, S.Korea, 2002

‘Incline’, commissioned by Public Arts as part of ‘People Making Places’, for the Yorkshire Forward Urban Renaissance Programme, Barnsley and Scarborough, UK, 2002

‘Sun Shadow Moon Shade’, Kezouin Zen Temple and grounds, Kamakura, Japan. Sasakawa Foundation, 2002

‘End of Summer Whispers’, Abiko Open Air Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan, 2001

‘Angle Poise Lounge’, Covent Garden Flower Show, London, UK, 2001

Knaresborough Sculpture Trail, FEVA Festival of Entertainment and Visual Arts, UK, 2001

‘Run Off’, ‘From the Asian Forest’, 2nd Yokohama International Open Air Exhibition, Japan, 2000

‘Asia Pacific Arts Exhibition’, National Institute of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, 2000

‘The Space In Between’, South Carolina Botanical Gardens, Clemson, USA, 2000

‘The Right Place’, 5th International Nature Art Exhibition, Kong-Ju, S. Korea, 2000

‘Dance’, Mariehamn, Aland, Finland. (collaboration with Jonathan Stevens, USA), 2000

Bardsey Island residency, Wales, UK. Commissioned by Artworks Wales, 1999

Connemara Conservancy Sculpture Show, Dallas, Texas, USA, 1999

Hardcastle Crags Sculpture Trail, Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, W.Yorkshire, UK, 1997-99

Europos Parkas Sculpture Park, Vilnius, Lithuania, 1998

3rd International Symposium: Art and Nature, Kong-Ju, S. Korea, 1998

Tsurugi Art Festival, Ishikawa, Japan, 1996

Yamonobe Snow Festival Yamagata, Japan. (collaboration with M. Herrmann, UK), 1995


‘See Here’ Group exhibition. The Old Auction House, Nottingham. Artwork on Sherwood Forest, 2018

‘Hebden Water’, collaboration with Paul Ratcliff, Gibson Mill, National Trust, HBAF, 2017

‘Stabilise’ Glass manifestation, Geography department, Leeds University, 2015

‘Upstream’ (Solo), Gibson Mill, National Trust, Hardcastle Crags, West Yorkshire. HBAF, 2014

‘Upstream’ (Solo), Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery, Leeds, 2013

‘Co-ordinates’, Salts Mill, Saltaire, 2005

‘The Living Image’, Dana Centre, Science Museum, London. Collaboration with theatre set designer Roma Patel and artist Graham Nicholls. Virtual Reality installation commissioned by London International Festival of Theatre, 2004

‘One Tree’ Project, (collab. L.Green), Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland. also: The Harley Gallery, Nottingham. Tatton Park, Cheshire. Bristol City Art Gallery, The Geffrye Museum, London, UK, 2001

HDK, Gothenburg University, School of Craft and Design, Sweden, ‘Green Furniture’, 1996