Art as Natural Flood Management, Calderdale

I have been appointed as artist in residence on an exciting new project which has now launched to create a series of artworks within the Upper Calder Valley, not only raising awareness of the damage caused by climate change, but also helping to reduce its impact. The Art as Natural Flood Management project will see the creation of artworks that will also act as natural flood management measures, replicating natural processes and slowing down rainfall on its journey down Calderdale’s steep valley.

I will spend time in the beautiful Upper Calder Valley region where I live, exploring and developing creative proposals. Other artists already signed up to the project also include Andy Goldsworthy and David Nash.

The project has been inspired by the ongoing community-led work to install natural processes to prevent flooding. Natural Flood Management takes inspiration from nature to slow down water flowing downhill and therefore reduce flood risk. It’s being used as a key tool to tackle flooding in Calderdale, as part of a range of nature-based solutions to mitigate the potential impacts of climate change.

By combining this important work with creative artworks or projects it can also play a powerful role in motivating people to think more about the environment and individual actions that can be taken to tackle the impacts of climate change.